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7 strategies for maximising workforce motivation

Modern or ‘new-school’ leaders and managers should be implement seven strategies to improve motivation and discretionary effort on the part of employees, according to a leadership expert.

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Creating a goal setting climate in your team

One of the most important motivational functions of the successful leader is goal setting that involves every member of the team. Without specific goals and carefully written plans for their attainment, the success of your organisation is left to chance.

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Effective communication traits all great leaders have

A real detriment to any business is a lack of communication or ineffective communication. You and your staff need to be able to say what you need to, when you need to, in a positive and efficient manner.

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EQ versus IQ: what's the perfect management mix?

Intelligence Quotient or IQ is a way to measure the level of potential ability of people, and as such has links to education and work performance, as well as personal survival.

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Six effective ways to have that difficult conversation at work

Employees want more feedback. Gen Y employees in particular, want constant feedback. Managers however are often reluctant to give feedback if they fear that what starts as a rational conversation may degenerate into an emotional one. Even managers trained

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The 10 habits of successful managers

The quality of management is critical to the success of any business – from the leaders at the top who set the strategy and direction, to the army of line managers who, through their teams, help deliver the goals.

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The definition of an effective manager

Every manager’s job is unique but they all depend upon the basic need to work with and through other people. Those who work most effectively with and through other people produce the most outstanding results.

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The One Sign Your Boss Loves You

Stories about angry, impossible-to-please bosses abound. You probably even have a tale to tell yourself. But, lots of people are satisfied at work. For almost all of them, that satisfaction is because their boss treats them well, challenges them, and reco

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